My name is Maja Jędrzejczak, although, because of the fact that my surname is unpronounceable for foreigners, I am simply known as Maja Perché No! This phrase carries a special meaning for me because it represents my life philosophy and signifies the start of the new chapter of my life in La Morra. “Perché No!” – “Why not!” No question marks, just exclamation!

Vini del Piemonte event
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On Tuesday, February 16th I was representing Az. Agr. Josetta Saffirio at the event a Walk Around Tasting open to wine lovers in Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway, and a city closely tied to Sweden by many solid business relationships.

The event took place at the Radisson Blu Royal Garden  and was organised by Vini del Piemonte in collaboration with the journalist Ulf Dalheim, contributor to the famous magazine Adresseavisen (founded in 1767), who has organized courses and events on wine, and has been a speaker for the VinPuls wine club, which with over 3,000 members, makes it one of the largest in the world.

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